Moms in Transition–Turning Your Purpose Into a Paycheck

Having a baby changes everything. Whether you decided to go back to work or stay at home with your babies, either decision requires a transition because, let’s face it, NOTHING is the same once our tiny humans enter the picture.  While some debate the pros and cons of each, I am of the opinion that there is no right or wrong answer.  The decision is inherently personal based on each individual’s situation.  Some go back to work because they have to, others because they want to.  Some become stay at home moms when prior to the baby’s arrival, they could never see themselves doing so.  Regardless, it is moms who face the most transition in relation to maintaining a work-life balance when the little ones come along.  The goal shouldn’t be to have it “all.”  Instead, the goal should be to find your voice, tell your story, and live a life that allows you to use your purpose to create change in your families and community.      

Every person has a longing to be significant; to make a contribution; to be a part of something noble and purposeful. John C. Maxwell



First and foremost, believe in the decision you have made.  Nobody knows your situation better than you, and you do not owe an explanation as to why you have decided to go back to work or stay at home.  The most important thing is to honor YOUR priorities and do what is best for you and your family.


Each one of us has gifts and talents that are unique to us.  There has never been and never will be another YOU.  You have something amazing to offer this world.  The more you deny the world of your story, the more you are not living in alignment with your purpose.  In the past 3 years, I have discovered that I have a passion to help other women identify areas where they are stuck so that they can move forward.  These are motivated, confident, talented women. Tapping in to your passion will impact all areas of life.  You’ll get up earlier.  Be more creative.  Crush your to do list.  Plus, the right intention leads to the right action and creates crazy results!


Limiting beliefs are the small voice in your head telling you you can’t.  Once you identify the source of those limiting beliefs, you can crush them and kick fear to the curb.  We all face fear at one point or another, but when it holds you back, that is the problem.  Acknowledging that fear does not come from love can help you face it.   Instead of letting fear stop you, you should be willing to learn through the fear and embrace the love that the world has for you.  Embrace where you are at this point in life and use it as s tool to move you forward.


Conflict management.  Budgeting.  Management.  Inventory.  Multitasking.  Teaching.  Social planning.  Scheduling.  These are all amazing skills we moms use in the blink of an eye every single day.  These skills are transferrable. Talk them up!



The law of attraction is powerful stuff!  We live in a world of negativity and gloom and doom.  When you think about negative things, that’s all you’ll see.  When you focus on what you DO want to have happen, it’s funny how things can start to align for you.  Start a daily gratitude journal to record the GOOD things that you are happy for each day.  The more you focus on the good, the more it will appear in your life.


Identify your key priorities and use those as the gauge against which you base your decisions.  There is no utopian balance to achieve. Truly, having it “all” isn’t realistic, and, quite frankly, would leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Every choice has a sacrifice. Get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings (guilt for not being home for dinner, fear of not doing it right, discomfort of being judged for a messy house). You can have it all but not all at the same time.



Crystal clear goals get results. Vague hopes don’t. Be realistic about your goals and how much time you actually have to attain them. If you have 4 hours/week to devote to yourself while your child is in daycare — don’t expect to do all your errands, exercise and look for a job. If you haven’t worked for a while, you may need some time for pure self care before you launch into the job search.


And trust that an opening will occur. Sometimes to achieve great things, we need to act before we know how to “do.”  Think about riding a bike.  The best way to learn how is to do it.  All the instruction in the world won’t help you in the actual act of riding the bike.  Instead of waiting until the time is right or the kids reach a certain point, take action toward your goals now.  You can’t know the end before you begin. Even if you don’t know what’s next, there is something powerful in having faith and taking the leap.  That’s when greatness occurs.


Being a mom is hard work.  Stay at home mom—hard work.  Working mom—hard work.  Single mom—hard work.  Being a mom isn’t easy, but it’s also really hard to lose touch with your purpose.  Embrace the journey of motherhood without losing YOU in the process.  That’s the hardest part.  Turning our purpose into a paycheck so we can contribute to our family and live out or purpose with passion-filled days is beyond rewarding! Now is the best time for mompreneurs to build a business – doing what they love while being present for the ones they love most.


The Miracle Morning | Challenge Day 30


Today marks the end of my 30 Day Miracle Morning Challenge. This was a challenge to me. A commitment to me. A push to find the focus I know I can have.

What I’m left with after committing to this process is a feeling of purpose, priority, and productivity.

Before this challenge, I have to admit that I was feeling lost. Lost in the sense that I was trying to do EVERYTHING versus doing the ONE thing that would make the difference. The ONE thing each day that would drive me forward.

Through the use of The Miracle Morning SAVERS (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing), I have found a way to start my day in a positive mindset. While waking between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. can present challenges, on the few days where I slacked off, I could tell a difference in my focus throughout the day. And, given the fact that I started this in an effort to find focus, it became clear to me early on in this process that I can’t afford to NOT start my day this way. Other than the occasional mornings when the kiddos were up at the same time as me, there is a peace that comes with starting your day in silence.

I have started filling my head with positive thoughts and daily affirmations of my worth. It is so easy to let the voices of others cloud what we know to be true about ourselves. Likewise, it’s easy to let competition or other people’s accomplishments make us feel less than. Filling my head with affirmations every day has made me focus on me and what I can do vs. what others have done. Likewise, visualizing my goals and how it will feel once they are achieved has spurred me into greater action.

In the past 30 days, I have read The Miracle Morning, The Miracle Morning for Salespeople, and The ONE Thing, and I have created two freemiums for my website, created three landing pages, created a team all access coaching event WITH my team, blogged several times a week, started another 66 day challenge to reinforce the importance of getting my ONE thing done each day, starting my teaching job (which puts us on a path of purposeful savings and one of the HUGE items on my vision board), completed The Miracle Morning each day, consistently completed my business Power Hour even when other events could have been an excuse to NOT do it, and I’ve created systems that will help keep me moving forward.

I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 30 days.

I’m left with this final thought from “The ONE Thing,” (a book I have read almost twice during this process) “A life lived on purpose is the most powerful of all— and the happiest.” ~ The ONE Thing

The Miracle Morning Challenge | Days 19-22

Day 19

The Miracle Morning looks different on Saturdays, at least is does for me. Saturdays are the ONE day I can kind of sort of sleep in around the edges. Today, I did just that. I’m exhausted after the first week of teaching, and I think it’s important to allow ourselves to enjoy an unhurried morning when we get one.

I’m on day 3/66 of my personal business challenge. Yesterday, I made myself get the task done right after school and before heading out for an event with the hubby. Today, I knocked it out first thing. It’s actually liberating to do something you dislike first thing because then everything else seems easy after that.

Today’s take aways from The ONE Thing.

“Everyone has one person who either means the most to them or was the first to influence, train, or manage them. No one succeeds alone. No one.”

  • When I read this today, I immediately thought about my teachers. I know the number one reason WHY I became a teacher is that, for me, teachers were the adults who took time to connect with me. With them, I felt safe and cared for and challenged. As a child, I always enjoyed spending time with my teachers versus time with my friends. I always wanted to help them grade papers and do tasks in the classroom.   After this first week of teaching, I feel exhausted and filled up all at the same time. I simply LOVE being in a classroom with kids. Their outlook on life, their willingness to be silly, and their way of thinking about things all keep me on my toes and challenge me to think differently too.

“Passion for something leads to disproportionate time practicing or working at it. That time spent eventually translates to skill, and when skill improves, results improve. Better results generally lead to more enjoyment, and more passion and more time is invested. It can be a virtuous cycle all the way to extraordinary results.”

  • I feel like in the course of the past two years I have found a passion that allows me to teach in a new way. As I was reading today, it hit me that my passion isn’t fitness. I know that sounds strange coming from a health coach. Instead, my passion is people. It’s that personal connection that fuels me. I love connecting with someone and helping them see that they are capable of achieving their goals. They can quit negative thinking. They can dream and set out to achieve those dreams. Fitness is a tool to help people do those things. Fitness helps people feel better. I know it is a simple shift, but I think I’ve been trying to focus on fitness and that’s not my strength. My strength is helping people find ways to feel better. My focus is the healthy happy part, and healthy doesn’t mean just fitness.

So, instead of looking at others and trying to be a coach like them, it’s taken me two years to realize that I need to be a coach like me. That is a freeing thought to finally get to.

Day 20

On Sundays, my Miracle Morning happens in the car while I’m waiting on the kiddos during their religious education class. I love the silence of the car. It’s like I’m in my own little bubble.

Today’s take aways:

“The ONE Thing becomes difficult because we’ve unfortunately bought into too many others— and more often than not those “other things” muddle our thinking, misguide our actions, and sidetrack our success.”

  • Throughout the process of the Miracle Morning, I have realized that I have been trying to do too much and as a result not done the things that need to be done. I have made a readjustment to my approach to my business, and, for the first time feel laser focused in regards to what I must do each day. I have a list of things that would be “nice” to do and prioritized it in order of importance and connection to the ONE thing I know I must do each day.

“A to-do list is simply the things you think you need to do; the first thing on your list is just the first thing you thought of. To-do lists inherently lack the intent of success.”

  • I am completely guilty of feeling like I need a list to keep me on track. The problem is, I fill the list with things that are truly just distractions keeping me from doing the things that SHOULD get done each day vs. the things that are fun to do. There are a lot of thing that are fun about my business, but not all of the fun things drive growth forward.

“Instead of a to-do list, you need a success list— a list that is purposefully created around extraordinary results. To-do lists tend to be long; success lists are short. One pulls you in all directions; the other aims you in a specific direction.”

  • This is simple and straightforward. Instead of creating a list of endless things that would be really nice to get done, we should be making daily lists of the top one thing that must be done. When we do the one thing that will move us closer to the next one thing, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

Day 21

Monday mornings have take on a different meaning now that I’m teaching again. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. It’s just that the realization that I CAN’T sleep in has hit me, which makes getting up and doing the Miracle Morning all the more important to help me get off to a strong start for the week.

I’m now on day 21 with 30 days to go in the challenge. With that said, day 31 will simply mean that I stop blogging about the experience. I will absolutely continue with the Morning Miracle routine.

Today’s take aways:

“Multitasking is a lie.”

  • I have been so guilty of this for so long. I have an “I can do it myself” attitude and try to do everything. Instead, I wind up not doing ONE thing well (yep—I’ve totally bought in to the idea of The ONE thing). Since starting Miracle Morning, I have installed an extension on my computer that puts a focus welcome screen on a new tab. It’s called Momentum and is on Google Chrome. Instead of a blank Google search screen it asks “What is your main focus for today?” This has helped mindless searching and scrolling come to a screeching halt.

As Steve Uzzell said, “Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.”

  • This is so very true. When you try to do everything, you wind up doing nothing well. My new goal is singular focus each day. It has actually become liberating to get my one thing done each day vs putting it off because it scares me.

Chronic multitaskers develop a distorted sense of how long it takes to do things.

  • Again, I know this one to be personally true. I have found that my daily Power Hour, the hour where I focus on getting my daily vital business activities done, has been far more productive when I start with the One Thing mindset.

Day 22

When I read The ONE Thing the first time, I remember reading this chapter. But, holy cow——reading it the second time was like having a brick dropped on my head. When I think about discipline in terms of my business, I know that I have been disciplined in being “busy.” There hasn’t been a day where I didn’t somehow work on my business. However, I haven’t been focused.

This quote jumped out at me like a neon light today: “Success is about doing the right thing not about doing everything right.”

I have been spinning my wheels trying to do everything right vs. doing the most important thing well. This particular definition is freeing for someone like me who tends toward perfectionism.

Other takeaways from today’s reading:

“The truth is we don’t need any more discipline than we already have. We just need to direct and manage it a little better.”

  • I know that I have the discipline. When I think back to the times when I was working full-time and going to graduate school finishing the degree in one year, I KNOW I can do what needs to be done. Period. It’s time to tap in to that part of me again.

“When we know something that needs to be done but isn’t currently getting done, we often say, “I just need more discipline.” Actually, we need the habit of doing it. And we need just enough discipline to build the habit.”

  • I am so guilty of this. While my excuse may not be that I need more discipline, I am good at excuses. They help justify why I haven’t done what needs to be done. The problem stems from the fact that I have been trying to do everything versus doing the one thing that must get done daily.

“Sustain the discipline long enough on one habit, and not only does it become easier, but so do other things as well. It’s why those with the right habits seem to do better than others. They’re doing the most important thing regularly and, as a result, everything else is easier.”

  • Now on day 22 of the Miracle Morning and on day 6 of my 66 day personal business challenge, I am already feeling somethings are becoming easier. For example, I got up today at 4:30 because I have to be at work early. NOT doing my Miracle Morning wasn’t an option for me. So, I adjusted and got it done!

The Miracle Morning Challenge | Day 1

Day 1 of The Miracle Morning Challenge started today.  Each day, I plan to provide a re-cap of how my morning went mostly as a way to provide accountability for myself.  Overall, I felt great about today.  The morning is done, getting ready to get the kids off to school, and I know what I need to do the rest of the in order to work toward my three top goals.

5:07 Up and out of bed. Hit snooze but got up before second alarm went off.

5:18 Silence 4 min with Centered app. This app has different levels of exercises to help get you centered. Because this is new for me, I’m starting with the shortest one. It’s HARD for me to quiet my mind and just let everything go, so the 4 minute one is where I’m starting.

5:24 Affirmations-This part has to be my favorite step. Yesterday I typed up my “Level 10” affirmations, in other words positive statements about my big goals. In reading it this morning, I have seen a few places where I need to go back and make some revisions/take out things that made me think of something or someone negative. It’s very powerful to read affirmations as a way to start the day and get your mind in the “right place.”

5:29 Visualization—(Drank my pre workout drink at this point) second to quieting my mind, this step was hard for me. For this particular step, you are supposed to visualize yourself completing the steps you need to accomplish your goals. Today’s visualization was a bit vague. I imagined big picture stuff vs. processes. I know this will be a step that improves in time the more I do The Miracle Morning.

5:32: Reading The Miracle Morning for Salespeople. I figured since I just finished The Miracle Morning, this was a logical next step.

5:43 Scribe While I am doing this 30 day challenge, I will use the scribe portion to reflect on the SAVERS process.“The hardest part about getting up an hour

Take aways from today’s reading:

“How you start each morning sets your mindset, and the context, for the rest of your day. Start every day with a purposeful, discipline, growth-infused, and goal-oriented morning, and you’re virtually guaranteed to crush your day.”

“Mornings are the key to all of it.”

“People whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.”

Benefits: Plan like a pro, more energy, resistance to fatigue, frustration, and difficulties. That translates into lower levels of anxiety and lower raters of depression, higher life satisfaction, and less likelihood of substance abuse.

“Mornings contain the secret to an extraordinarily successful sales future.”

“The hardest part about getting up an hour earlier is the first five minutes.”

5:44: Exercise P90X3 Total Synergistics

10 Ideas for Personal Development

My top 10 Personal Development Tools

Promotions and Sales

A little over a year ago, I started on a journey to reading personal development daily.  It takes as little as ten minutes a day or ten pages a day to get enough information to inspire me and get my head on right for the start of my day.  Truly, it has changed my life in ways I never could have predicted.

I am happier.

I am more focused.

I’m learning daily.

I’m applying the information I learn to my life.

I’m feeling better and more content than I have in a very long time.

If you are not a reader, I truly encourage you to start focusing just ten minutes a day on personal development.  It will forever change the way you think and approach life.

This year, I have a goal to read 52 books as part of a #52bookchallenge another coach is doing.  That’s one book a week.  It’s a BIG challenge, but I’m up for it.  I know it’s going to push me, and I’m ready for the challenge.

I love helping others.  It’s my passion.  I wake up every day excited about what I do.  As a teacher, I love helping others see the potential they have in themselves.  As a coach, it’s the same thing.  So many times people focus on their failure or disappointment instead of focusing on all of the amazing things they CAN do.  Personal development equips you with the tools to succeed and reach your goals.  As a coach, reading these types of things equip me with the tools to grow personally and help others grow as well.

I want to share a few of my favorite resources with you right now.  Some of these are books, others are online resources and audio.  I do all of these almost daily.  This has become my “entertainment.”  Instead of wasting time watching tv, I spend my time learning and growing.

These are my 10 favorite resources right now.

1.  Chalene Johnson 30 Day Push Challenge-   

This is a free 30-day program that will help you set goals, get organized, and find a focus that you didn’t know you could have.

Each day provides you with one video and an action step to take.  The information in here in invaluable.

2.  Darren Daily–  

This is a year long free email from Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine.

Each day you get an email with videos, audio, quotes and such to help you transform your life in the course of a year.

3.  Success Magazine online

This is a fantastic site filled with interviews, articles, quotes, and motivational pieces that apply to all areas of life.  Great go to when you need something quick to read.

4.  Audible

While this isn’t a free resource, it is an invaluable one for me.  When I am in the car, I listen to books on Audible.  It’s a great way to get a book “read” and get the information into your head.  While I enjoy the process of reading and highlighting and taking notes, I also enjoy listening to the books, especially if it is the author who is reading it.  There is something powerful about hearing an author speak his or her words to life.

5.  Chalene Johnson’s Podcasts

Speaking of audio, I have recently discovered podcasts and LOVE them!  They are FREE and give you a quick 30-40 minute discussion on a topic.  With Chalene, the topics range from diet to how to set goals and everything in between.  But, all the information is geared to help you create and live your best life possible.  They never disappoint.

6.  Michael Hyatt Podcast

This is another podcast I’m obsessed with.  The focus of his podcast is intentional leadership, but truly the topics appeal to anyone looking to improve communication, set goals, and create change.

7.  Brendan Burchard

Once again, I’m all about FREE.  Right now on his site, you can get three of his books for FREE.  The only thing you have to pay is the shipping.

Books available are Motivation ManifestoThe ChargeThe Millionaire Messenger.

8.  John Maxwell Blog

I love anything by John Maxwell.  His blog is a great resource, once again, when you are short on time and are looking for something quick to read.

9.  EntreLeadership

Not only have I read EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey, but I frequent his website for information and articles about success.

10.  Dave Ramsey

The amount of free resources on this site to help you gain control of your finances is beyond compare.  If you are looking to focus on finances in the New Year, this is a fantastic place to start.

The 80/20 Rule for Time Management

Do you ever see somethingAdd subtitle text and think, “Well that explains everything.”  In health and fitness, we hear a lot about the 80/20 rule with nutrition.  The biggest one we hear is, “Eat Clean 80% of the time and allow yourself to cheat 20% of the time”  While I’m familiar with the idea behind the 80/20 rule, I had never made the leap to what the 80/20 could mean in terms of productivity.

Currently, I’m reading “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.  In it, he discusses the importance of the 80/20 rule.  The 80/20 Rule means that 20 percent of the things we do each day are vital while many of the things, or the other 80 percent, are trivial.   This idea is base off what is called the Pareto Principal.  Pareto was an Italian economist who used mathematics to explain the unequal distribution of wealth in his country in the early 1900’s.  In Pareto’s case it meant 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the wealth.  The chart below illustrates his point using “tasks” instead of wealth.  In other words, we spend 80% of our time doing things that only bring 20% results.  Instead, we should focus on doing the VITAL tasks first–before the trivial tasks.  This leads to a higher rate of productivity and results.  In terms of Beachbody Coaching, these vital tasks are literally known as the Vital Behaviors.

Currently, I’m working on improving my time management.  I have a tendency to be a bit flighty internally.  My mind jumps from one idea to the next.  As a result, that can leave me NOT getting things done.  I’m good at being busy but not always productive.  I’m super organized, but I can spend so much time organizing ideas, files, and stuff, that nothing of importance gets done.

After coming across the 80/20 rule today in “Eat That Frog,” I realized that I’m spending far too much time on trivial tasks.   I need to focus on those 20% of VITAL tasks in order to achieve my goals.

Right now, I’m working on creating a system to help me increase my overall productivity and specifically business productivity.  I’ve created a daily sheet to help me track the vital behaviors I need to get done each day.  I’ve created a calendar for next month with important dates and daily activities to complete.  I’m excited to have a plan to keep me focused on those top 20% tasks.

My next steps are to assign certain business hours during the day to get these things done.  This will require a team effort on the part of the family and understanding from both the kiddos and the hubby.  One thing I know I am going to have to do–as much as it pains me–is get up early.  And by early, I mean 4 a.m.  My boys are early risers.  Getting up at 5 will not buy me enough time before they wake up.  By doing this, I can have almost two hours of uninterrupted time where I can focus on laying the foundation of getting those daily priorities take care of.

Action steps to increase productivity:

1.  Spend your time on the vital tasks FIRST.  Do not waste time getting the trivial things done before the vital things, because in all reality, the vitals won’t get done.

2.  Trivial tasks are busy work.  While it might make you feel good to cross items off your list, they won’t drive your toward your goals.  Put Vital Tasks FIRST (I know I have already said this–but it’s THAT important!).

3.  Plan our your day the night before.  That way, when you wake up the next day, you have a plan of action.

4.  Track your daily behaviors to keep yourself honest.  It’s one thing to think you did something and another thing to know you did it.  Also, it’s good to have that data to show how you got your results.