Free Healthy Happy Teacher Virtual Fit Club

Are you feeling run down?  Tired?  Full of “overwhelm”?  Maybe you are living off of microwave lunches and diet drinks like I was. Or heck, maybe you’ve even had to buy a new wardrobe or wear the same things over and over because your clothes have “shrunk” like mine did!  My name is Deanna Pecina.  I have taught elementary school, middle school, high school and college AND I’ve been both a high school assistant principal and middle school principal.  I truly understand the overwhelm of the job.  I currently hold several fitness certifications and am a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach.  I would like to invite you to spend the next 14 days with me so I can help you start to feel better and have MORE energy! To find out all the details on how to get started, click on the link below and the information will be emailed immediately. Join the 14 day fitness, nutrition and teacher academy today!

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Deanna Pecina | MA, MSA, NBCT | Insanity/PiYo Certified | Dr Sears Health Coach