So much of our success depends on our thoughts and what we do with them. We can let negative thoughts control us, or we can choose to take control of those negative thoughts and retrain our brains to focus on the positive.

I’ve been reading Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Dr. Daniel G. Amen (well worth the read for anyone!). It is fascinating to not only read about but also SEE the brain images he provides.   Countless behavioral issues, life patterns, and diseases are controlled by the brain. I’ll be honest, after reading the book, I would be very interested in having my brain scanned! It would be really cool to see where there are areas of concern—because I would venture to say that we all have them.

The good news is we can take steps to improve our brain function and our overall health.

My biggest take away so for for me and my family stems from what Dr. Amen calls ANTs.

Watch this video to learn about “ANTs” and how we can get rid of them and improve our thinking.