Day 15

Half way there! It’s hard for me to believe that I’m now on day 15. What in the beginning was something I had to make myself get up and do has now become automatic. I, too, have found that there has been a shift in my thinking through the daily affirmations. There is something powerful to starting the day with intention and the attitude that you will achieve your goals “No Matter What.”

This is perhaps one of the most powerful quotes I’ve read: “When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them” (The One Thing).

Think about that for a moment. When we tell ourselves “I can’t do ______ because of ______” then whatever that limitation is will never go away. We are telling ourselves why we can’t do something and accept that as truth. This is where daily positive affirmations come into place. They help reprogram our brains to think in a positive manner and in terms of the fact that we can change and we can control what we achieve.

I’ve decided that once I finish The One Thing, I will be reading it again. There is just way too much life-changing information in this book. I need to read it again to solidify the ideas in my mind.

Today’s reading take aways:

“You can’t please everyone, so don’t try. In fact, when you try, the one person you absolutely won’t please is yourself.”

“When you strive for greatness, chaos is guaranteed to show up. In fact, other areas of your life may experience chaos in direct proportion to the time you put in on your ONE Thing. It’s important for you to accept this instead of fighting it.”


1. Meditate and pray for spiritual energy.
2. Eat right, exercise, and sleep sufficiently for physical energy.
3. Hug, kiss, and laugh with loved ones for emotional energy.
4. Set goals, plan, and calendar for mental energy.
5. Time block your ONE Thing for business energy.

Here’s the productivity secret of this plan: when you spend the early hours energizing yourself, you get pulled through the rest of the day with little additional effort. You’re not focused on having a perfect day all day, but on having an energized start to each day. If you can have a highly productive day until noon, the rest of the day falls easily into place. That’s positive energy creating positive momentum. Structuring the early hours of each day is the simplest way to extraordinary results.”