It feels good to be “over the hump,” so to speak, with the 30 day challenge. When I started this, I did so knowing that I was lacking focus. I had no idea how much this process would change me in such a short time. Now, when the alarm goes off, I get up. I don’t lie there and push snooze three or four times because the reality is that those extra minutes of sleep don’t do anything for me in the long run.

Todays takeaways:

“So when you think about success, shoot for the moon. The moon is reachable if you prioritize everything and put all of your energy into accomplishing the most important thing. Getting extraordinary results is all about creating a domino effect in your life.”

I know that I have been guilty of dreaming too small. I’ll set a small goal and meet it and then stop. I’ll feel good about the goal but then know in the back of my head that I could have done more. This process has helped me recognize my self-limiting beliefs and begin to chip away at them. I’ve also through the visualization process started to develop a very clear picture of where I want to go through my coaching. I know the possibilities. I have added this to my daily affirmations. It is the FIRST one I read every day, because if I don’t believe this, then nothing else is possible:

I am just as capable as anyone else who has succeeded at this business. My heart is as big, my ability as strong, and my desire as intense. The only thing holding me back is ME. I am the ONE thing.

“What starts out linear becomes geometric. You do the right thing and then you do the next right thing. Over time it adds up, and the geometric potential of success is unleashed.”

One of the things discussed in the One Thing is the idea of sticking with a habit for 66 days. While many say 21 days is what it takes to create habit, The One Thing says the magic number is 66. So, I started yesterday on day one of doing a specific habit for my business. It is the one that I dislike and the ONE that will drive things forward. I’ve enlisted my husband to hold me accountable every day for getting it done. I’m looking forward to seeing HOW this will change things over the next two months.