Today makes up for yesterday’s failure to get up and get going. My alarm went off at 5 a.m., and I was up and moving by 5:05. I headed to the kitchen for my morning pre-workout drink and was seated and starting my Miracle Morning by 5:15. I laid out an orange folder last night with the words “Miracle Morning” written on it. I have placed my nightly affirmations, my morning affirmations, and my daily checklist in the folder. I felt much more focused this morning knowing exactly where to begin on my desk.

One of the perks to being up so early was seeing an intense lightening storm. It’s a pitch black morning, and the lightening lit up the sky like a strobe light. Had I stayed in bed, I wouldn’t have seen how beautiful the storm was in the dark.

Silence: 4 min of simply sitting and listening to the sounds around me. There is a constant hum in our house between the air conditioner and dehumidifier. I simply sat and listened to the hum of the electricity and the sounds of the storm outside. It’s funny because living on the top of a mountain ridge, I can hear the rain coming before it actually hits.

Affirmations: Took 2 min to read my affirmations. I’m adding this one from the book I’m reading: “I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving extraordinary success as any other person, and I will prove it today with my actions. I am destined for greatness, and today I will live in alignment with my destiny.”

Visualization: This quote from the book I’m reading stuck with me today and made the visualization a bit easier. “See yourself engage in the positive actions you’ll need to do each day (exercising, studying, working, writing, making calls, sending emails, etc.) and make sure you see yourself enjoying the process.”

Exercise: Continuing with the Beachbody Bodathon training schedule. Today’s workout is P90X3 Dynamix.  This is a fantastic athletic stretching workout.  It was a welcomed relief today! 


Read: The Miracle Morning for Salespeople

I would say that even though this book is geared for people who work in sales, any profession would get benefit from the content. Today’s take aways on the importance of sleep, rest and energy:

[bctt tweet=”“What if, instead of being constantly on the go, you valued intentional quiet time, sacred space, and silence? How would that change you life, parenting abilities, and your success?””]

“Foods like bread, cooked, meats, dairy products, and processed foods require a lot of energy to digest and contribute to very little energy to your body, leaving you in an energy deficit. Foods like raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds typically give you more energy than they take, empowering you with an energy surplus to perform at your best.”

Scribe: This part takes me the longest, because I am trying to be very intentional these 30 days and reflect on the SAVERS process to document what I’m doing and changes that occur.