Today I was up and ready to go at 5:30. This was purposeful. I’m playing with the wake up time to see if it helps the process. I actually feel like I was more focused this morning with the 5:30 time vs. 5 a.m.

Silence: This morning’s silence was while I was outside letting the dog out at 5:30. It’s amazing how much “noise” there is even when it’s quiet. Because we live at the top of a ridge line, I think it makes the silence louder. Between the hum of the cicada and the sound of cars traveling, it was a peaceful morning looking out over the ocean and neon lights of the city.

Affirmations: Read my written affirmations and am starting to recognize when I haven’t done things from the day before. For example, one of my affirmations is that I will get 7 hours of sleep. Well, that did not happen last night. I do like that I can already tell I am starting to internalize them.

Visualization: Today’s visualization was tough. I have a hard time just shutting my eyes and imagining. I feel like I need to create some sort of actual visual to look at for this part of the process.

Exercise: Todays workout for the Bodathon Challenge prep was Insanity the Asylum Strength. Wow. That was a tough one. Pretty sure I’ll be sore tomorrow. I will say, though, that the calorie burn with weight is far more than without. After the workout I was already 3/4 of the way done with my caloric burn goal for the day! Score!

Reading: The Miracle Morning for Salespeople. Today’s take aways:

“Too often we confuse being busy— engaged in activities that don’t produce sales.” Yep—totally guilty of this one!

These three questions are simple, yet so very profound:

“What’s working that I should keep doing (or do more of)? What do I need to start doing to accelerate results?   What do I need to immediately stop doing that’s holding me back from going to the next level?”

“Technology exists for your benefit, and you can take control of it this very minute. How often you check your phone messages, texts and email can and should be directed by you. Let’s face it, we’re salespeople, not emergency room physicians.”

Scribe: I’m growing to like this daily reflection.