I’m now 7 days in to this challenge, and I’m starting to feel like this has become a very natural part of my day. I look forward to going through the steps and can feel myself getting more focused each day.

Silence: Silence this morning was while I was outside letting the pup out to potty. It’s amazing how different the world sounds when it’s dark. It’s almost like there is a muted hum all around. The sounds of the cicada serenade me each morning and I stare out at the neon lights down the hill and watch the cars travel along the road.

Affirmations: Today I added this to my arsenal: “I will __________(insert your goals and daily actions, here) no matter what. There is no other option.”

This is a POWERFUL affirmation regardless off what your goal is. For me, mine is business related, and I know that there are certain actions that have to get done in order for those goals to be met.

Visualizations: I am loving using a mind map for my visualizations. I have been adding to it each morning while I look at it and envision my goals coming to life.  Even though this is very personal, I wanted to share what my visualization process has turned into.  Each day, I look at the goals and add to them and make connections between them.


Exercise: Today’s workout was PiYo. I’ve decided to shift focus to doing more PiYo—less high intensity. I’ve been exhausted for months, and I’m coming to the realization that I simply may be pushing myself too hard and getting the opposite results of what I want.

Reading: Started The One Thing. Take aways:
“What’s the ONE Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”
“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.”
“You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.”
“Success builds on success, and as this happens, over and over, you move toward the highest success possible.”

Scribe: I have found that by doing this simple task of recounting my SAVERS every day, that I have actually wanted to write MORE. I’ve done 8 blog post in 7 days. That is more than I have written in the past several months. In addition to typing daily, I’m also writing in my bullet journal. It’s become in an integral part of my day. There is something satisfying about getting my thoughts out. It seems to clear out some of the mental clutter that I have. I had a passion years ago for writing but somehow let that part of me go. It feels good to be getting into that part of “me” again through this process.