Today was my SAVERS on a weekend. Interestingly……I have found that I have been waking up at 4:30 the past few days. Now, I didn’t get up at 4:30 today, but I’m thinking if my body is naturally waking up at that time, I may start getting up before the alarm goes off.

Today’s wake up time: 6:45 a.m.

Silence: My silence was in my bed today. While this isn’t the way to do things, I could hear that one of my kids was awake, and getting up would negate the “silence” factor.

Affirmations: Read my affirmations. I am starting to feel like I may need to cut them back to one page to be more FOCUSED.

Visualization: Today I started something new with my visualizations. I have started a mind map in my bullet journal (I’ll probably do a post on this here soon—but until then you can Google “bullet journal). I will slowly be adding to the mind map during my visualizations as a way to keep me focused and on task during this portion of the SAVERS.

Exercise: Today’s workout: Insanity Back to Core. I really struggled through this one because my back is one of my weakest areas. But, I powered through and got it done.

Reading: The Miracle Morning for Salespeople. I’m so glad I read this particular book first while doing The Miracle Morning process. The purpose for starting The Miracle Morning was to find a way to help me get more focused on my goals and consistently work toward them. The tips and strategies and mindset presented in The Miracle Morning for Salespeople has been perfect for getting me thinking in the right direction.

Scribe: In addition to writing these daily blog entries, I’ve also started working in my bullet journal as a way to capture all of the ideas that come to my mind while reading.


Sundays are the day of the week I extend myself a little grace. While I have to get up early to get the boys to religious education at 8:30, I don’t rush out of the bed Sunday mornings. So, today, I was up at 7:00.

I have decided that my SAVERS on Sunday will be done during the hour that the boys are in their class.

Silence: The thing I love most about these mornings is the silent time in my car. While the boys go to class, I sit in my car, windows down, sun-shade up and just feel the cool breeze blow and listen to the sounds around me.

Affirmations: Next week, I’m going to have to remember to actually take my affirmations with me. I forgot them this morning, but I’ve read them enough the past few days that I was able to think about them and walk through them in my mind.

Visualization: I did have my bullet journal with me and looked at my vision mind-map and added a few things. Using this method is really going to work for me because it’s in my own handwriting and helps me SEE my goals and how I’ll feel when they are achieved.

Exercise: Today is my rest day.

Reading: I finished The Miracle Morning for Salespeople. Today’s takeaways:

“The purpose of a goal isn’t to hit the goal. The real purpose is to develop yourself into the type of person who can achieve your goals, regardless of whether you hit that particular one or not. It is who you become by giving it everything you have until the last moment— regardless of your results— that matters most.”

“Five years from now, your life, business, relationships, and income will be a direct result of one thing: who you become.”

“I will __________(insert your goals and daily actions, here) no matter what. There is no other option.”

[bctt tweet=”“Unwavering faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles””]

Scribe: Again, I used my scribe time to work in my bullet journal to track ideas.

Tomorrow I will add “I will __________(insert your goals and daily actions, here) no matter what. There is no other option” and “Unwavering faith + Extraordinary Effort = Miracles” to my daily affirmations.