A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted about The Miracle Morning in a group I’m in and shared how she felt it was well worth the read. As a coach whose job entails daily personal development, I’m always on the lookout for a good read, especially one that helps me overcome an area of weakness.  I’m the most unorganized organized person I know.  I’m great at organizing spaces, but organizing my mind–well–that’s a whole other battle.  After reading the book this weekend, I’ve decided to undertake The Miracle Morning 30-Day Challenge.  I’m generally a creature of habit, but sometimes those habits don’t work in my favor.  For this reason, I’m willing to give the Miracle Morning a go to see if it will help me get my brain back on track and more productive.

The Miracle Morning is a book and a method by Hal Elrod. His story of resilience and success despite the odds truly inspires one to ask the questions, “Why am I not achieving my goals? What’s my excuse?”  After reading his story (in two days) and seeing how relatively simply yet powerful his method is, I will be starting my routine tomorrow morning.  book


I admittedly struggle with focus and mental organization.  I have a million ideas of things I WANT to do floating through my head, yet I find myself falling short of taking action.  And, knowing that I will be going back to teaching full-time as soon as my clearance comes through, my hope is that the Miracle Morning will help my set the tone for my day, reset my thinking processes, and help me be better organized and productive.  Teaching full time while running an at-home business will take extreme focus on my part, so starting now before I actually have to do both will set the tone for when I do.

The premise behind The Miracle Morning is that the way we start our day can make or break it.  We can choose to start our day focused, or we can choose to start it running behind and in chaos.  With The Miracle Morning, the goal is to start each day with he terms S.A.V.E.R.S.

S=Silence (prayer, meditation, breathing–whatever works for you.  the key is to block out distractions and start the day with a calm mind)

A=Affirmations (encouraging words you tell yourself to reach your goals, calm your fears, overcome insecurities, beat anxiety, be healthy and happy and live your purpose)

V=Visualization (imagine yourself doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals and imagine how it will FEEL to achieve them)

E=Exercise (this doesn’t have to be long or intense-can be as little as 5 min.  the goal is to get the blood pumping)

R=Read (learn from people who have accomplished the things you want to do and fill your mind with positivity)

S=Scribe  (write or journal to process your thoughts)

“I know that how I start each day determines how I create my life, because my day is my life.  I can no longer accept anything less than my best from myself.” ~Hal Elrod, The Miracle Morning handouts Bedtime Affirmations.

So….tomorrow will be Day 1 of The Miracle Morning Challenge.  I’ll be reporting my progress by adding on to this post each day.

Wish me luck!