If you love anything by Brené Brown, this book is for you! You don’t need to be a busy mom to appreciate the honest and vulnerable advice that comes from this book. There were so many lessons in this book that resonated with me. Each chapter was a constant reminder that I am enough, my purpose is what drives me, and it’s OKAY to screw up. I really enjoyed the ‘Confident Actions’ at the end of each section that encourages readers to get out there and fight in the arena. This was a powerful and important read for me since I struggle with stress, anxiety, and lack of vulnerability.
I highly recommend!

Laura D.

Let’s face it. Even moms without a heaping dose of perfectionism deal with some self-doubt and self-criticism along the way, especially when measured against the modern Pinterest world. But then books like this come along with sisterly encouragement and show you how to not only enjoy life and motherhood but to really find purpose. The book is easy to read. I loved the short chapters! Erica and Deanna share personal anecdotes and offer helpful ‘Confident Action’ steps at the end of each chapter. I was barely past the first one and already I was thinking of other moms I want to share this book with. Buy it! And buy one for a friend! Or circle up with a group of moms and help one another in the journey of becoming Unperfect. I highly recommend it. Stephanie A.

The most Perfect…UnPerfect…book to read and gift to give to start your 2018. So inspiring, motivating and personal!! Everyone can relate to the busy mom, husband, and life, this book is just real. Absolutely enjoyed every bit of its truthful approach to a better me. Get it together people and jump-start 2018. This will be the best book you read that will leave you feeling refreshed, alive and ready for a great new day with amazing purpose!! Deanna and Erica — Love, love, love your stories and can’t wait for the 2nd edition.
Joyce W.

Easy to read, easy to follow. Some of the subjects hit so close to home, it made me a bit emotional. It’s nice to see other parents out there having the same struggles as me. It’s even nicer that they remind you that it’s okay to be unperfect, while still perfecting the things that matter most. I’d recommend it for parents, young entrepreneurs and those just looking for a little less chaos in their daily lives.
Carie C.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed; like I had lost myself in trying to do #allthethings. Finding this book was so on time. It provided self-reflection that was much needed, relief to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling the way I was, and a renewed strength to know that I’m not failing at this mom gig. I wish I could give these authors a huge hug! I’m looking forward to writing down all the “confident actions” listed and truly living a life striving for purpose, not perfection.
Michelle L.