Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the The Legacy Builders and congratulations on becoming a Team Beachbody Coach! I’m Deanna, your upline coach and am so glad you are here!

My mission as a coach is to create a LEGACY of health and happiness in my family and encourage others to do the same.  My team is like an extended part of my family.   I am very passionate about Beachbody & helping others achieve their goals to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This amazing opportunity has changed my family and my outlook on life. I want that same change for you!  I am completely dedicated to your success and the success of the AMAZING LEADERS on this team.  We will work with you and guide you at a pace that meets your goals for your business.

We are a team and work together sharing ideas, celebrating successes, learning from failures & encouraging each other to keep going. We truly are a FAMILY working to build a lasting legacy.

Three Types of Beachbody Coaches

drop me in the water


As you progress as a coach, your needs and goals may change over time.  I started as a preferred customer and very quickly realized I wanted to go pro and build a business.  So, while you may start out for the discount and accountability, be open to the idea that your goals may change along the way.  You may eventually decide to share your success and build a business.

Remember, this is about you and YOUR goals.  We are here to support you and help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Consider your goals and what you want to accomplish and determine your coach type.

Keep this in mind! Success is completely up to you.  We can share tips, provide training, share resources, but YOU have to do the work.  It is YOUR business to create.

I am sure, however, that you joined our team because you want SUCCESS and you’re willing to put in the WORK to make it happen! Let’s do this!!!

Getting Started

  1. FIRST: If you are a brand new coach, don’t be overwhelmed by all the information. BOTTOM LINE is this: Work on finding 1-3 friends or family members to join you in the next Challenge Group with me. Then, FROM THERE, we will build your knowledge of HOW TO SUCCEED!
  2. I typically host a NEW Challenge Group the LAST Monday of each month, and I encourage you to do a few challenges WITH me or your upline before doing one on your own.
  3. Grab a Personal Development book – ASAP! Go Pro by Eric Worre and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy as great starters.

Goal Setting

  • Month One: Find 1-3 people to commit to joining a challenge group. SHARE what you are doing.  Ask them to join you on your journey.  You are welcome to participate in a challenge group with me where YOU are their coach, but I will lead the group along with you so that you get a feel of how to lead a group.
  • Month Two: To build your business…focus on reaching Emerald Coach status & Success Club.

How to become an Emerald Coach


I highly encourage you to complete the Coach Training Academy . This is a training in the Coach Online Office that willhelp build your knowledge about the business aspect (if that is your goal). If you need help getting to the Coach Training Academy — from the Team Beachbody site go to Coach>Coach Online Office>News&Training>Coach Training Academy.

Check in with the Team

Our Team Facebook group is intended for support & encouragement. It’s a “safe place” where you can ask any questions without fear of judgment.  We were ALL new coaches once.

I will share resources, information, and updates.  You may also share things that you find and feel are useful.  When we work together and share, we all benefit!

Don’t forget though, YOUR MAIN FOCUS needs to be inviting friends and family to join you in the next challenge group. THAT NEVER STOPS. You always need to be bringing in new people in order for your business to continue to grow!


I always say the smartest people don’t know all the answers.  They know where to FIND the answers.  The best way to learn is to ask questions and do your own research.  Make sure to engage with your coach and team. While we are here to help you, there is also something to be said for finding information on your own.  Create a file on your computer to save valuable information.  This will keep you from hunting and pecking for the same information over and over.

Ideas on where to find answers:

  • Coach Online Office is going to be your MAIN SOURCE for answers to your coaching/business questions. Get familiar with the Online Office.  Be sure to utilize the FAQ section of the site which can be found at the bottom of the Home Page in your Coach Online Office.
  • Google it – there is TONS of information regarding growing a business, building a blog, setting up a YouTube channel. Some people are really good at YouTube, while others thrive with Instagram or a blog.  You coach may or may not be able to help you in these areas.
  • Ask Coach Relations – there are several different ways to get help from Coach Relations. Phone: (800) 240-0913 Email: coachrelations@teambeachbody.com Chat: You can start a new chat by going to the Contact Us page, found at the bottom of your Home Page in the Coach Online Office.
  • Ask your question on the Team Facebook page.
  • And then if you still aren’t satisfied with your understanding or the answer, PLEASE ASK your coach or ME!

Again, welcome to The LEGACY BUILDERS.  I look forward to building with you!